Greek Meatball Gyros with Tzatziki

Armanino Creamy Garlic Sauce is a great hack for making flavor-forward tzatziki. Just remember to sop up the released liquid from grated cucumber to avoid a soggy sauce.


  •  1 lb Armanino Gourmet Beef Meatballs, defrosted (about 16 1-oz meatballs)
  •  1 cup Greek salad dressing
Tzatziki Sauce
  •  ¼ cup grated English cucumber
  •  1 cup plain Greek yogurt
  •  1 tablespoon Armanino Creamy Garlic Sauce
  •  1 tablespoon fresh dill (or ½ teaspoon dried)
  •  1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
  •  salt and pepper
  •  pita bread
  •  cucumber, sliced
  •  tomato, sliced
  •  red onion, thinly sliced
  •  feta cheese, crumbled


  1. If using wooden skewers, soak in water for at least 30 minutes.
  2. In a large bowl, combine the Armanino Gourmet Beef Meatballs with the Greek dressing. Let marinate for at least 30 minutes.
  3. For the tzatziki sauce, grate the cucumber on the large holes of a grater and lay on several layers of paper towel. Roll up and squeeze to remove any excess liquid.
  4. In a medium bowl, combine the yogurt, Armanino Creamy Garlic Sauce, dill, lemon juice and ¼ teaspoon each salt and pepper. Stir until smooth.
  5. Add the squeezed grated cucumbers and stir until combined. Taste and adjust seasoning if needed. Can be made up to 3 days ahead and refrigerated. Stir before using.
  6. Heat a grill to medium high.
  7. Thread the marinated meatballs on metal or soaked wooden skewers. Save any extra marinade to baste while grilling.
  8. Grill the meatball skewers, covered, over medium heat for 5-8 minutes or until meatballs have a nice sear on each side. Give a few turns and baste once or twice with the marinade during grilling. Keep a close eye if using wooden skewers to make sure they don’t burn.
  9. Remove the skewers from the grill, brush with the marinade then slide the meatballs from the skewers.
  10. Grill the pitas a few minutes on each side to warm through, wrapping in a kitchen towel or foil to keep warm.
  11. To build the sandwiches, place 3-4 grilled meatballs in a warm pita and top with sliced tomato, cucumber, onion, a spoonful of tzatziki and some crumbled feta. Serve immediately.

Chef’s Tips

  • Grilling the meatballs on skewers makes them easier to handle on the grill. Remove the skewers before eating.
  • Italian dressing can be substituted for the Greek dressing, just add a ½ teaspoon dried oregano and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.
  • If you’re not up for firing up the grill, the marinated meatballs can be baked in a 375°F oven for about 15-20 minutes until warmed through and golden brown.
4 servings
Prep Time
45 minutes
Cook Time
5 minutes

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