For nearly 100 years, Armanino has taken the time and care to grow and select locally-sourced, artisan ingredients for chef-inspired recipes that add flavor and spice to your favorite foods.

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The Armanino legacy begins in Italy’s Liguria region, the birthplace of pesto, before the turn of the 20th century. Between then and now, a long journey, a love story, and a young innovator make us who we are today.

Armanino sauces, pastas and meatballs can be found in grocery stores across California, Arizona, Texas, and the South East. Find a store near you.

Featured Recipe
Don’t let the word soufflé scare you. Think of it as a savory custard or pudding that’s made to puff up in the oven. In fact, that’s what soufflé means: a breath or a puff. These are of course best straight out of the oven, but don’t worry if they deflate before making it to the table. They’ll taste just as good.