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Hot News: Harissa

It wasn’t long ago that Sriracha rocketed from total obscurity to universal familiarity. What’s the next hot ticket? We’re betting on Harissa. As Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and North African foods continue to gain mainstream popularity, this fiery north-African condiment is taking foodservice and the food media by storm. Chefs and consumers love it because it’s so much more than a hot sauce. Layered with the rich flavors of roasted chiles, tomato, onion, garlic, and seasonings, it’s the perfect marriage of heat, sweet, spice, and flavor. And that’s what makes it so versatile.

We’re proud to introduce our new Harissa Sauce to the foodservice industry, and we’re pleased to see that chefs and operators are already finding all kinds of exciting things to do with it. Unlike some other concentrated pastes, ours is ready to use as a table condiment, a rub for roasted meats, a flavorful base for meaty stews and meatless items, a base for sandwich and burger spreads, an accent for bowls, dressing, salads and soups and so much more.

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