Pesto Spirals

How often do you sit down at a restaurant and stuff yourself with bread or breadsticks before your meal even hits the table? As an owner/chef/operator, the idea of giving guests something free sounds like good customer service, whether it’s a bread basket, chips and salsa, peanuts, popcorn, or some other low-cost snack.

However, not only does this practice cut into your margins, it distracts customers from ordering appetizers that are usually great profit makers and your chance to show off what makes your menu unique. If your patrons know they get the “freebie,” they’ll skip right to ordering entrees. So why not take advantage of America’s love of bread and offer a simple almost-scratch recipe like these Pesto Spirals.

Most casual restaurants don’t have in-house bakers or don’t have the time to prepare breads and rolls from scratch. Naturally there are a variety of delicious convenience products offered frozen and ready-to-bake. By combining basil pesto with frozen bread dough, you can make these delicious warm appetizers with very little labor or skill. Simply roll out the dough, brush with basil pesto, cut and bake. There’s an added surprise of crunchy cheese baked into the bottoms of these tasty spirals and they can easily be baked ahead of time and kept warm until service. The herby basil flavor soaks into the bread and our pesto will always stay a lovely shade of green. Feel free to add more garlic or cheese! Instead of automatically delivering a basket of plain old bread and butter, take the chance to upsell your guests with these savory cheesy rolls.

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