Beet Salad with Couscous, Harissa & Feta


Beet Salad with Couscous, Harissa & Feta At home, I have at least 10 different hot sauces and chile pastes in my fridge. Whether Latin or Asian, I love them all. One chile sauce that’s been getting pretty popular the last few years is Harissa. Originally from Tunisia in Northern Africa, but enjoyed throughout the [...]

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Armanino Artichoke Dip Pizza


Armanino Artichoke Dip Pizza Spinach Artichoke “Dip” Pizza Go to any casual restaurant and you’re almost sure to find a version of artichoke dip on the menu. Whether it’s made with spinach or onions or mushrooms, homemade or from the freezer, it’s a fan favorite at home too. I’ll admit I could polish [...]

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Mortar & Pestle


Back to My Roots Roasted Root Vegetable Soup Here in Northern California, the fall and winter isn’t quite as cold as I remember from my Midwestern childhood. But that doesn’t stop me from making all kinds of soups to warm the soul. My favorite soups are always hearty purees that can be enjoyed [...]

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